Surprise! Yes, it is!

A common issue I come across from individuals transitioning from ONE relationship to ANOTHER, is that they completely SKIP the most important part!


For starters, HEALING is essential to regaining emotional balance in your life. If you don’t PAUSE, CHILL OUT, and let time do its magic, then you will only transfer that suppressed PAIN to a new person.

This is NOT fair to them, NOR YOU.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, during this time it is VITAL that you work on your FLAWS, and your current process of seeking partners.

Yes… we ALL have flaws.

Yes… we ALL need a tune-up from time to time.

Yes… you also FAILED in this relationship.

Here’s why you’re equally responsible for the relationship’s failure;

The selection process for how you seek NEW partners is clearly in need of some work. Which RED FLAGS are you pretending do not exist? What compromises did you make that ended up backfiring? Were there children involved? Did they have uncontrollable baggage from previous relationships/marriages? ANALYZE which areas fell apart, and WHAT lead up to the damage.

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